30 September 2014, by Andrew

Mobile HTML5 Uploader

Mobile friendly HTML5 uploader

After a recent iOS8 release, our HTML5 uploader stopped working there. It was the Apple's fault and fortunately they were kind enough to fix it in 8.0.2 released shortly. But this issue made me to recall the idea of a mobile-friendly HTML5 uploader.

06 August 2014, by Andrew

Regarding Expired Certificate for Java uploaders and downloaders

If you are using Java uploader or downloader created before April 2014, you may encounter a problem with the expired certificate. What to do if it happens?

08 July 2014, by Dmitry

HTML5 Uploader befriended EXIF

Another step HTML5 uploader closer to his "older brother" on Java technology. Now with the release of a new Upload Suite 8.0.98 version users have the support metadata.

20 January 2014, by Andrew

Some Java security rules insights

When Oracle released Java 7 Update 45 several months ago, I noticed a strange behavior - if the user decides not to update Java, the uploader starts working incorrectly (although it was working great a day ago).

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