This topic lists keyboard shortcuts you can use with Image Uploader.

Shortcut Action
Arrows Navigate through file or folder list.
Shift+Arrows Navigate through file list, adding files to selection.
Ctrl+Arrows Navigate through file list without selection modification.
BackSpace Folder pane: move to the parent folder.
Tab Move focus on the next control element.
Shift+Tab Move focus on the previous control element.
Enter Tree pane: open folder.
File pane: open file
Space Two panes layout: check selected items.
Delete Delete an item from the upload list.
Ctrl+A Three panes layout: select all files.
Two panes layout: check all files for upload.
Ctrl+D Three panes layout: deselect files.
Two panes layout: uncheck files for upload.
Ctrl+U Three panes layout: add files to the upload list.
Copy selected files into a clipboard.
Cut selected files into a clipboard.
Ctrl+K Rotate a thumbnail clockwise.
Ctrl+L Rotate a thumbnail counterclockwise
Ctrl+M Thumbnail view: edit an image description.