Image Uploader is in four editions: Express, Professional, Print, and Premium. This topic compares them by functionality.

Restrictions Express Professional Print Premium
Maximum file size 100 Mb 2 Gb 2 Gb any
Maximum size of created thumbnail 3 megapixels 5 megapixels any any
Maximum number of files 100 any any any
Features Express Professional Print Premium
Displaying and uploading folders * * *
Using Thumbnail control * * *
Saving and restoring upload list * * *
Automatic upload recovery * * *
Uploading hash sums * * *
Registering several license keys that allows you to host Image Uploader on one domain and upload files to another * * *
Preserving EXIF metadata when creating thumbnails * *
Preserving original color space when creating thumbnails * *
Using quality meter * *
Using HTTPS for both host and upload pages * * *
Using private-label version by request

As you can see Image Uploader Print includes printing-specific features in addition to Express and Professional. In that way Express and Professional editions are intended to be used in projects that do not require making thumbnails larger than 3 or 5 megapixels and the other printing-related features, namely, Web 2.0 solutions, professional solutions, e-commerce solutions, and so on. Image Uploader Print, however, is designed to be used in various pre-print and photo-print solutions.

All the Image Uploader editions differ in license keys. It means that if you purchase Express or Professional edition, you will get a license key which locks Print and Premium functionality and vice versa. Nevertheless, installation packages are the same for all editions.