The uploadSettings type exposes the following properties.


Public property actionUrl Gets or sets the URL to the page files are posted to.
Public property autoRecoveryFilter Gets or sets a filter for the broken upload auto resume feature.
Public property autoRecoveryMaxAttemptCount Gets or sets a number of tries that should be performed to submit files.
Public property autoRecoveryTimeout Gets or sets an interval in which HTML5/Flash Uploader should try to resume the upload if it was interrupted.
Public property chunkSize Gets or sets a maximium allowed size of binary data (in bytes) uploaded within a POST request.
Public property connectionTimeout Gets or sets a timeout of the HTTP connection.
Public property enableInstantUpload Gets or sets a value indicating whether to start sending files right after they are added to the upload pane without waiting for Upload button click.
Public property filesPerPackage Gets or sets a number of user-selected files which will be processed and uploaded within a single request.
Public property progressBytesMode Gets or sets a value specifying how to estimate the total size of the upload session as well as the amount of bytes that have already been sent to a server.
Public property redirectUrl Gets or sets the URL to which the user will be redirected when the upload is successfully completed.
Public property uploadConverterOutputSeparately Gets or sets a value indicating whether to send each converted file in a separate request.
Public property urlEncodeFilenames Specifies whether to apply URL encoding to filenames uploaded by the uploader.