AJAX upload control

If you create a modern web application and want to add the ability to upload files while avoiding unnecessary page reloads - you are looking for AJAX upload tools.

What is the difference between normal uploader and AJAX uploader

Normal upload tools have a problem in that they require the user to wait until after all the files have all been transferred to the server before they can do anything. AJAX upload tools on the other hand allow the user to display images immediately, which enables the user to start working with files right away, without having to wait for the end of the upload. This can translate into a huge time savings when hundreds of photos are being uploaded.

ajax uploader

Why AJAX upload tools

  • Predefined and user-friendly upload interface, which you can embed into your website in a few minutes
  • Based on HTML5/Flash - works on any browser
  • You can load normal files and photos. And you can resize photos before upload
  • Powerful API and documentation, as well as fast and free technical support

How to use Upload Suite as AJAX uploader

  • Embed uploader on the page - see ASP.NET,PHP,JavaScript pages
  • Except for the uploader, you need to add a panel that displays the files on the server. To do this, we can use jQuery
  • Using the JavaScript API, monitor the progress of the upload. As soon as the next file arrives at the server, update the panel. Alternatively, we can update the panel on the timer
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