Aurigma Up Code Designer

Warning: Aurigma Up product is outdated and was discontinued. Please read more information in the blog post

The table below contains all Aurigma Up settings and automatically generates a code to insert to your page.

To upload files, your user should launch Aurigma Up through a special <a> element on your page. Instead of http or mailto, just use special aurup protocol. All settings are set as if it is a regular query string. It should look like this:

<a href="aurup:?[long line with Aurigma Up params]>Upload</a> 

The table below lists all Aurigma Up settings. As you fill in these fields, Aurigma Up settings code is automatically generated (on the right). Just copy it to your site.

HTTP Settings


App Settings

Extended Data

You can send additional data along with files as POST fields or cookies as URL-encoded pairs of name/value separated with semicolon.

Field constructor
Name Value
Cookie constructor
Name Value

Image and Video Processing

You can send several files per each photo or video - source file, thumbnail, compressed copy. To configure it, specify several blocks of the following params (each param separated with a colon, each block is separated with a semicolon):

mode - what to do with the photo or video

  • off - disable this file type
  • source - send original file
  • thumbnail - create thumbnail of specified size and quality
  • low - compress videos to 192x144 Not supported on Android
  • medium - compress videos to 480x360 Not supported on Android
  • high - compress videos to 1920x1080 Not supported on Android

autorotate - whether to autorotate photos based on EXIF

If mode=thumbnail, additional parameters can be specified

  • size - thumbnail dimensions, specified as WxH (e.g. 800x600)
  • resizeQuality - resize interpolation algorithm (low/medium/high), speed-quality trade-off
  • jpegQuality - JPEG compression ratio (integer in 0-100 range), size-to-quality trade-off

Requires Pro Edition Image mode constructor
mode autorotate size resizeQuality jpegQuality  
× Add
Requires Pro Edition Video mode constructor
mode size resizeQuality jpegQuality  
× Add

Result Source Code