Aurigma Up Free Edition

There are two editions of Aurigma Up - pro and free one (compare). On this page you can receive a free version license.

Type in the domain name of the website where you are using Aurigma Up. The following rules apply:

  1. You should specify a fully qualified hostname, i.e. subdomains won't work*.
  2. You can generate multiple license keys. Just insert them separated with semicolon.
  3. If the upload destination domain differs from the domain of the main website**, create license keys for both.

* The only exception is www subdomain: and are equivalent.
** i.e. where you return with the Back button.

You need to login or register to request a license key.

What's Next?

Feel free to download the code examples and try your license key with them. Or generate your settings string using Code Designer.

Download Aurigma Up Code Examples ASP.NET and PHP demo projects, 2.0.1 released 11/2/2012