Aurigma Up Server-side API

Warning: Aurigma Up product is outdated and was discontinued. Please read more information in the blog post

Aurigma Up sends photos and videos using the standard HTTP POST request as described in RFC 1867.

Here you can find all POST variables sent by Aurigma Up.

Variable Name Type Description
PackageFileCount Integer Number of files uploaded.
FileX_N Binary file The Xth copy of the Nth file. For example, if you upload an original file and a thumbnail, File0_N will be the original file and File1_N - the thumbnail (for the Nth file).
SourceName_N String The name of the Nth file.
SourceSize_N Integer The size of the Nth file (in bytes).
SourceFileCreatedDateTime_N Time* The date and time when the Nth file is created.
SourceFileLastModifiedDateTime_N Time* The date and time when the Nth file is last modified.
SourceFileCreatedDateTimeLocal_N Time* The local date and time when the Nth file is created.
SourceFileLastModifiedDateTimeLocal_N Time* The local date and time when the Nth file is last modified.

*Time is sent in the following format: YYYY:MM:DD hh:mm:ss.
For example, April 14, 2011, 7:34pm will be 2011:04:14 19:34:00.

The POST request format found in Aurigma Up is a subset of the POST request format of Upload Suite. So if you are already using Upload Suite, it is possible to reuse the upload processing code (with the certain modifications).

How to handle POST requests?

You can easily process POST requests using any modern server platform - PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, Ruby-on-rails, and any others. These platforms have built-in or third-party facilities to handle POST requests.

For example, in ASP.NET you can use built-in Request.Files and Request.Form collections to get access to appropriate POST fields. In PHP, these collections are called $_FILES and $_POST appropriately. For JSP, you can use Apache Commons FileUpload library.

To extract a file or variable, you should pass its name to the collection, like this:






You can a code example in the Getting Started. Or you can download Aurigma Up code samples.