Aurigma Up Website User FAQ

Warning: Aurigma Up product is outdated and was discontinued. Please read more information in the blog post

You are looking to upload photos from your iPhone, iPad or Android to some website and you are asked to install Aurigma Up to your device. What is it?

Aurigma Up is an app which makes possible to upload files from your device to a website integrated with it. It can upload multiple photos, videos, compress them, etc.

Here is a small list of questions you may encounter while using Aurigma Up.

Is it free?

End users don't have to pay anything. Just install a free version from Google Play or iOS App Store and that's all. We earn money from the website owners, not their users.

I have installed Aurigma Up. What's next?

After you install Aurigma Up, you can go to the website where you want to upload photos. It should have a kind of Upload button (usually on the same page where you were requested to install Aurigma Up) which would launch Aurigma Up properly configured.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to open Aurigma Up from a screen and start uploading. The website should pass all settings to the app, so it will work only if you run it through hte website.

I have problem during the upload. What should I do?

If the app saying that the upload fails for whatever reason or uploaded photos or videos won't appear on the site, most likely it means that there are some problems on the site where you are using it. You should contact tech support team of the website where you encounter this problem. Contacting Aurigma won't help a lot - even if we find out the reason of the problem, only the website owner may fix it.

The app crashes or freezes. What should I do?

If the problem happens in the app itself (i.e. occurs before you start uploading) - e.g. it quietly quits or freezes when you, say, select a photo, this is a kind of problem that we can help.

In this case, please submit a support ticket and send us a detailed information about your problem:

  • What is your device (e.g. iPhone 5S, or Galaxy Tab 3).
  • What is your iOS or Android version (can be found in the About section of the Settings)
  • The problem description (what exactly happens)
  • What are the steps to reproduce the problem
  • If there is some problem with the user interface or you receive some error message, please make a screenshot.