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VideoUploader.PaneItemChecked Property

Value that shows if the specified item is selected for upload.


Get/Set Value in Runtime

getVideoUploader("VideoUploaderID").setPaneItemChecked(Index, value);
value = getVideoUploader("VideoUploaderID").getPaneItemChecked(Index);



A non-negative integer that specifies an index of a thumbnail item on a pane (zero-based). It should not exceed PaneItemCount - 1 for the implied pane. Depending on the layout mode, the following panes are implied:

  • In the OnePane layout mode, the upload pane is implied.
  • In the TwoPanes layout mode, the folder pane is implied.

Property Value

A boolean value (true or false).


This property can be set to false value only (true value is not allowed due to security reasons). If the value of this property is false Video Uploader unchecks the specified item depending on the layout mode:

  • In the OnePane mode, removes the specified item from the upload pane.
  • In the TwoPanes mode, unchecks the specified item from the folder pane.

This property can return both true or false values depending on the Video Uploader layout mode:

  • In the OnePane mode, always true, as all items on the upload pane are selected for upload.
  • In the TwoPanes mode, true for all checked items on the folder pane.

In all other cases, false is returned.

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