Video Uploader is a powerful upload component designed for Web 2.0 projects, such as social networking and video-sharing websites. It enables not only mass file uploads, but also pre-upload video transcoding. Video Uploader is purely client-side software which is embedded into HTML page and does not require end users to download and install it manually.

Video Uploader is an ActiveX control which converts user-specified video files to Windows Media and sends them to a server in HTTP POST request. Thus, you can receive these files with any HTTP-compliant server platform (like ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Perl, etc.) and show them to users via any WMV supported video player.

Video Uploader possesses a number of features which make it powerful and flexible. Here we highlight the most important of them.

  • Client-side transcoding. Video Uploader transcodes video on the client side that minimizes server load and releases you from necessity to install video codecs on your server. This feature includes the following functionality:
    • Resizing. Video Uploader uses high quality resize algorithms when creating movies and thumbnails.
    • Thumbnailing. With Video Uploader you can create JPEG thumbnails for user-specified videos and upload them along with transcoded movies.
    • Watermarking. You can add text or image watermarks to both uploaded movies and thumbnails.
  • Silverlight-enabled. Video Uploader converts video files to Windows Media, so they can be uploaded either to a web server or to Silverlight Streaming™ - in both cases end users will be able to stream these videos via Microsoft's cross-platform cross-browser plug-in.
  • User-friendly upload. Progress bar is displayed during the transcoding and upload process. In the case of slow or unstable Internet connection, a broken upload can be resumed without having to send already uploaded files again.
  • Integrability. Video Uploader easily integrates with existing solutions. The customizability of the POST requests allows you to use the uploader with any CMS or website engine.
  • Customizability. Video Uploader provides a rich functionality to customize its appearance: namely, you can replace buttons with your images, customize colors, fonts, and other look and feel settings. Also, it is easily localizable into any language.