Using License Keys

License key is the first parameter that you should add to your Video Uploader embedding script. There are two types of license keys: trial and full. This topic describes them in detail.

Trial License Key

Trial license key is intended for evaluating Video Uploader on any domain (not only on localhost). It is not associated with any domain name and allows uploading files to any Web site. It also does not constrain the functionality of Video Uploader but puts the following limitations on its usage:

  • Every time you send files to a server you get the following message:

    This is a trial version. It can be used in evaluation process only.

  • You can use Video Uploader with a trial license key during the 60 days evaluation period only.


The evaluation version of Video Uploader neither puts any limitations on the number of files that can be uploaded nor constrains its functionality anyhow else. So if the evaluation version does not work properly, we highly encourage you to create support case and tell us about the problem.

Obtain Trial License Key via Video Uploader Evaluation License Keys Request

To request trial license key you should use Video Uploader Evaluation License Keys Request tool which is distributed with the product. To launch this tool click the Start button, point to All Programs, and then point to Aurigma. Point to Video Uploader 1.0 and click Video Uploader Evaluation License Keys Request.

Video Uploader Evaluation License Keys Request

Then enter your E-mail and Password you are registered on Aurigma with and click Request.

Video Uploader Evaluation License Keys Request

After you request trial license keys they are automatically registered in all sample applications installed along with Video Uploader. Then you can move these samples to your Web server. If, however, you need to apply these keys to another application just paste them to this application as it is described in the Registering License Key section.

Obtain Trial License Key Manually

If you cannot obtain trial license keys using Video Uploader Evaluation License Keys Request tool for some reason you can do it online (

Full License Key

Full license key is a code associated with the domain name or IP address of the website where Video Uploader will be used (speaking more precisely - the address of the server where you will host the control and submit files to). If the full license key matches the address you have provided us with, Video Uploader works as a full version, otherwise it will not work at all. It will show the following message every time you start the upload:

No valid license key for current DNS/IP address specified. If you see this message please contact site administrator.

There are two licensing options available for Video Uploader:

Single Domain License

Allows using Video Uploader at the single domain name you specified during activation.


License key is generated for a full-qualified domain name, i.e. it works neither with other domains associated with the same site nor with any subdomains of this domain. The only exception is the www subdomain.

In other words, if you generate a license key for the domain, it will not be valid for, but will be valid for

You can also specify an IP address, but in this case users need to type this address in the navigation bar of their browser.

Single IP License

Allows using Video Uploader with all domains associated with a specific IP address specified during activation.


If you need to host Video Uploader on one domain or IP address and upload videos to another you should set full license keys for each one. To obtain additional license keys contact us at The instructions on how to specify two or more license keys are described in the Registering License Key section of this topic.

Registering License Key

To register license key just specify it as a value of the LicenseKey property. Here is how you can do that (note that if you have several keys, they should be separated with semi-colons):


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