We work hard and never stop studying, developing, and implementing the most innovative algorithms, approaches, and technologies to guarantee that our products – the solutions for your tasks and goals - are state-of-the-art.

Development team

Our team consists of skilled full-stack web developers and C++ software engineers. Among our high-usage tools you can find: ASP.NET, HTML5, TypeScript, JavaScript, and Angular.js. We are also big on Agile management, which helps us work faster and cleverer, adaptively distributing the efforts of our team among different projects.
Aurigma is Microsoft Certified Partner.

Aurigma image processing technology stack

To solve customers' problems more efficiently, we have created our own technology stack. It is comprised of three important layers:


Image processing SDK

C++ based library, which implements imaging algorithms, JPEG/PDF/PSD file format manipulations, etc.

In addition to all the must-haves of the image processing world (such as raster transformations, resizing, etc.) our SDK also has unique features, such as a powerful text engine, rich support for the PSD format and for vector PDF files, advanced color management, metadata extraction system, and more.


Image editing controls

A set of ASP.NET controls, which allows for editing multilayered images in a browser - add, move, and delete elements.

This stack layer is created to easily build a web-based image editing user interface. Loading templates, manipulating images, text, and vector elements, managing layers, rendering an output image - no need to re-invent the wheel every time you build an image editing web application.


Web-to-print toolkit

High-level image processing SDK built with HTML5 and ASP.NET, which works with elements in the web-to-print world.

This, the tip of our high-tech iceberg, is an automation solution for the printing industry. Unlike the previous stack layer, here you work with the products, templates, and placeholders, rather than with images or vector elements. Its components are the online product designer, preflight tool, variable data printing, web API, and more.

Our customers

We have a long history of successful collaboration with customers. Since 2001, we have had thousands of clients from different industries and of various scales.

Our web-to-print toolkit draws the vivid attention of print service providers and marketing agencies that want to automate their pre-printing processes. With great pleasure and the same dedication, we work with small and medium enterprises. And, of course, among our clients there are top companies in the national and even global print market, such as Cimpress, 4OVER, etc.

But the print industry is not the only area of interest for our company. Our products can be helpful whenever you need to manipulate image files. For example, many DAM vendors and developers are fond of our image processing SDK. A lot of websites and web services frequently use our uploading component.

Famous tech companies value cooperation with Aurigma as safe and efficient. For example, we have worked with IBM, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and many others. We're also helping IT departments of large corporations to automate their document, inventory, and request management systems. Hundreds of thousands of auto dealers, inspectors, real estate agents, etc. use our software everyday without even knowing it.

Marc Waanders Fit2Page

...after searching we ended up with Aurigma software. One of the main reasons we chose them is the superb coding example support along with the affordability of the software.

Where we are from

Aurigma is located in Alexandria, VA just several minutes outside Washington D.C.

Aurigma's home office is located just minutes from the Capitol in Washington D.C.