Aurigma Up

Organize batch photo/video uploads from users' mobile devices to your site in minutes!

Aurigma Up is the universal iOS/Android app which allows your users uploading photos directly to your site. No longer need to build your own app to receive uploads from your mobile users!

It supports:

  • Photos and videos
  • Image resize
  • Maintain EXIF information
  • Upload multiple images/videos
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Mobile uploads without building your app


Whether iOS or Android, mobile uploads—including the uploading of several photos or videos at a time–using Aurigma Up is simple and liberating. No longer will you be forced to write and submit separate mobile apps to the corresponding app marketplace. In fact, you won’t have to write any mobile apps at all!

Want to see it in action?

Install Aurigma Up from a marketplace.

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Type in a mobile browser or just scan the QR code: QR code

Streamline mobile uploads

Want your mobile users to place photo orders on your site? Share photos or videos?
Or do you have field employees who should submit them to your database?
Aurigma Up is the right tool for each situation!

  • Integrate with any site
  • Upload images/videos
  • Resize before upload
  • Upload multiple files

Web developer friendly

  • Simple API
  • Code generation tool available
  • PHP and ASP.NET samples, other platforms supported
  • Tech support and assistance with integration
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