File Downloader, Aurigma Up, and Photo Kiosk have met the end of their life cycles

Today, Aurigma is announcing that it will no longer continue development on the following products: File Downloader, Aurigma Up, and Photo Kiosk.

Since starting our business in 2002, we have developed 3 core products:

  • Upload Suite – an all-terrain web uploader
  • Graphics Mill – a raster/vector .NET SDK
  • Customer’s Canvas – a web-to-print editor

We will continue to develop and maintain these products. However, some complementary products are not feasible to maintain going forward, so we have decided to bring their development to an end.

File Downloader

Our downloader was released in 2007 as a toolkit for simultaneously downloading multiple files. It later became clear that it was much simpler to download multiple files by creating a ZIP archive. File Downloader is implemented as an ActiveX control/Java applet, so it is currently only possible to use it in a corporate environment. For these reasons, we have decided to close the product.

Aurigma Up

We introduced our mobile uploader in 2009 just as Android and iOS came onto the scene, as both of these operating systems lacked the functionality. It was a time before HTML5 was adopted as the standard and Apple was battling with Adobe Flash. Moreover, even a simple upload using <input type=”file”> was not available in a mobile browser. Aurigma Up helped to bridge this gap.

However, since that time HTML5 support has been implemented throughout most of the mobile browsers. Currently, there is no need for Aurigma Up after these developments in mobile browsing.

Photo Kiosk

Aurigma released Photo Kiosk in 2009. Over the years, sales declined for the product as we shifted our focus to the web-to-print market. Only a few customers obtained new licenses over the last several years, so it made sense to discontinue the product and redouble our efforts developing and improving our more popular products.

Maintenance of these products

We will continue to provide support for existing customers of Aurigma Up, File Downloader, and Photo Kiosk provided their maintenance contracts are still active.

To ensure that our customers can still support existing code in the long-term, you can obtain the source code from us:

  • The File Downloader and Aurigma Up code are available upon request.
  • The Photo Kiosk source code is published on GitHub under the MIT license.

Download Photo Kiosk source code on GitHub