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Blog - Aurigma — certificate

Regarding Expired Certificate for Java uploaders and downloaders

If you are using Java uploader or downloader created before April 2014, you may encounter a problem with the expired certificate. What to do if it happens?

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Aurigma updates code signing certificate on all products

Aurigma has signed all Image Uploader, Upload Suite, and File Downloader releases with updated Java/ActiveX code signing certificates. Developers should make sure to update the binaries on all websites that use Aurigma to ensure that the Java/ActiveX applets do not generate security dialogues for expired certificates

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New certificate

Our current digital certificate used to sign our products (Image Uploader Dual, Video Uploader, and File Downloader) will expire on 28 August. We have renewed the certificate beforehand and this week the products signed with new certificate have been posted to our Web site.

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New code signing certificate

As you know our certificate is about to be expired. Several days ago we got new 2-years code signing certificate from Thawte and started to resign our software.

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