Aurigma updates code signing certificate on all products

Aurigma has signed all Image Uploader, Upload Suite, and File Downloader releases with updated Java/ActiveX code signing certificates. Developers should make sure to update the binaries on all websites that use Aurigma to ensure that the Java/ActiveX applets do not generate security dialogues for expired certificates

The old code signing certificates are set to expire on the 26th of July, 2012. So, developers need to be sure to update Aurigma Java/ActiveX certificates to the new version before that date to ensure and maintain a seamless end user uploading experience. End users don't like to see expired certificates, and Aurigma feels strongly that it is our mandate to ensure that all our customers are supported with the latest updates; therefore we have updated the code signing certificates on all releases back to version 5. We've got your back. All of the updated versions are available for free from Aurigma at: - Image Uploader and Upload Suite - File Downloader

You can rest assured that the binaries themselves have not changed, so the new certificates will work seamlessly with your website and will not generate compatibility issues for your code build. The only difference in the new binaries is that now they have the new code signing certificates integrated.

What version to download?

  1. If you have version 7.x.x or 8.x.x, just download an appropriate version. For example, if you are using version 7.0.37, find 7.0.37 in the list and download it.
  2. If you have version 5.x, you should download binaries-only.
  3. If you have version 6.x, you should download 6.5.19 (any package will work).

The rule of the thumb is the following: if the package date is 7/19/2012 or higher, it means that this package is signed with the latest certificate. Otherwise, it is signed with outdated certificate.

How to update?

It depends on how you are using Image Uploader/Upload Suite:

  1. If you are using ASP.NET control, you should update Aurigma.ImageUploader.dll in the /bin folder.
  2. If you are using PHP library, you should overwrite the content of the ImageUploaderPHP folder.
  3. In all other cases (i.e. when you insert it using JavaScript library), you should update .cab, .jar and .js files from the Scripts folder.

Note, if you are using newer version that you had before, make sure that the version number in your code is correct. For example, if you have version 6.1.4, after you update it to 6.5.19, you should update javaAppletVersion param appropriately.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this.