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Blog - Aurigma — killbit

Killbit for File Downloader

All of you who read our blog knows a lot about killbit for Image Uploader and Microsoft Security Advisory (953839) that stoppes using of unsafe versions.

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Killbit has been released at last

As I announced a week ago, Microsoft has released security update which includes killbits for old vulnerable builds of Image Uploader.

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Microsoft is going to killbit insecure version of Image Uploader within this week

Only one week left before Microsoft release Cumulative Security Update for ActiveX killbits. They scheduled it for August 12, 2008 at approx 10am PST.

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Official security bulletin

In my previous post I have mentioned about release of Image Uploader 5.1 (and 4.7) which has a number of security fixes (few known heap overflow and a bunch of potential problems). To prevent malicious persons to exploit these issues, we are releasing a killbit for all version and strongly recommend each customer of Image Uploader to get an update (which is free for appropriate major build).

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Image Uploader is reborn - better security and new CLSIDs

I have and exciting update about the security issue – we have completed all of our audits and feel we have secured Image Uploader.

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