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Aurigma Up 1.11 is submitted for Apple review

The Aurigma Up 1.10 update was the largest one since its birth date and as many people experienced firsthand, it did not go well. A lot of end users complained that the app crashes on the launch while we could not reproduce the problem locally. We spend more than a week to figure out what is wrong. The app is on the way to the Apple's approval and meanwhile I am going to share what we learned from this incident.

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What people who integrate Aurigma Up to a website say

Recently we had a conversation with a guy, Max Antipin, who integrated Aurigma Up with his file sharing service. He was very happy with it and we asked him to tell other people what he thinks about it.

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New Aurigma Up Demo Applications

Today we released new sample applications for our Aurigma Up. Now they support multiple files selection and image/video recompression.

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Aurigma Up’s new Version 1.6 lets you offer your website’s users easy multi-selection file uploads

Aurigma Up is hands down the best mobile uploader you can provide for your website's users, and the newest version is even better with the addition of the multi-selection file uploader!

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Aurigma Up 1.4 - resize photos before uploading them from iPhone/iPad/Android

Aurigma's developers know what is important to your business and your website's configuration, and the latest version of Aurigma Up they provide has greatly enhanced your control over the content that users upload to your website. Aurigma's Uploader Suite for PC/Mac has long provided the capability of allowing image resizing before uploading the image to your web server, which saves server bandwidth via client side resizing before uploading to the server.

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