Aurigma Up 1.4 - resize photos before uploading them from iPhone/iPad/Android

Aurigma's developers know what is important to your business and your website's configuration, and the latest version of Aurigma Up they provide has greatly enhanced your control over the content that users upload to your website. Aurigma's Uploader Suite for PC/Mac has long provided the capability of allowing image resizing before uploading the image to your web server, which saves server bandwidth via client side resizing before uploading to the server.

With Aurigma Up v1.4 this capability is now available for mobile uploading, saving precious mobile web bandwidth. Learn how to configure Aurigma Up to resize photos before the upload

Version 1.4 also allows for the auto-rotation of images, ensuring that your users get the end result that they demand when they upload images to your website.

Users of the free version of Aurigma Up will also get improvements with the latest release. Version 1.4 provides more advanced and satisfying iPhone and iPad support, and also includes several bug fixes that will greatly enhance the mobile uploading experience that you can provide your users.

If you want to offer your customers the latest innovations in mobile uploading that Aurigma supports, you can now specify the minimum version of Aurigma Up that your customers need to install on their smart phones or their tablets to take advantage of the latest innovations you are supporting.

Go to the Free Trial page to see all of the latest and greatest innovations that Aurigma has added to the mobile uploader experience, and get the license today!  Aurigma is your upload partner.