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Google removes Java plugin support from Chrome

If you update your Chrome to the version 42, you will discover that the browser no longer displays a Java applet. The NPAPI plugin support is phased out in accordance to their plan as I wrote earlier.

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Aurigma Up 1.11 is submitted for Apple review

The Aurigma Up 1.10 update was the largest one since its birth date and as many people experienced firsthand, it did not go well. A lot of end users complained that the app crashes on the launch while we could not reproduce the problem locally. We spend more than a week to figure out what is wrong. The app is on the way to the Apple's approval and meanwhile I am going to share what we learned from this incident.

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Enhanced Protection Mode in IE

ActiveX uploader and IE Enhanced Protection Mode

While preparing the next Upload Suite update, we had some support requests regarding the problems with Internet Explorer when it runs in so-called EPM (Enhanced Protection Mode). So we had to figure out what is EPM and how our uploader should live with it.

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Java 7 Update 45: new Java disaster

Oracle continues to torture their loveless stepchild called Java, as well as browser vendors do. They "improved security" which usually equals to "created unexpected headache to millions of the users with no visible reason". We tried our best to overcome the aftermath of this update and rolled out Upload Suite 8.0.52.

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Aurigma uploaders are broken with Java 7 Update 21 - fix is available

Oracle strikes again. In their fight for Java security, they released an update which made all our uploaders inoperable. Fortunately, it was not so difficult to release a fix for this problem (Upload Suite 8.0.33), but all our customers have to update their uploaders on their sites.

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