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Blog - Aurigma — bug

Aurigma Up 1.11 is submitted for Apple review

The Aurigma Up 1.10 update was the largest one since its birth date and as many people experienced firsthand, it did not go well. A lot of end users complained that the app crashes on the launch while we could not reproduce the problem locally. We spend more than a week to figure out what is wrong. The app is on the way to the Apple's approval and meanwhile I am going to share what we learned from this incident.

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Image Uploader ActiveX Problem for Non-admin Users

During last several weeks we are getting complaints from client that their users, who do not have administrator privileges, cannot install or launch Image Uploader ActiveX in Internet Explorer.

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Java&Vista&BufferOverflow problem has been fixed in Image Uploader 5.1

Some time ago several clients told me that on some machines with Vista Image Uploader for Java was unable to initialize.

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Another security problem - oh, not again

In short I got two news - a bad one and a good one.

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Security issue in Image Uploader

Recently we got a report that Image Uploader suffers from buffer overrun vulnerability.

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