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From Java to HTML5 - what you lose?

Since the date of Java shutdown in Chrome is approaching, I would like to write a review of Java uploader vs. its HTML5 counterpart. What features you will lose if you switch from Java to HTML5? Are they critical? Let's try to figure out.

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Aurigma Upload Suite Version 8 is now ready!

Aurigma's developers have been hard at work perfecting the latest and greatest image uploader you can buy, taking it to even greater levels of performance and utility. Take a tour of Aurigma's new flagship product, Aurigma Upload Suite 8.

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First Ever Aurigma Blogging Contest!

On this week we are running the Aurigma Blogging Contest. It is designed to encourage developers to share their experiences using Aurigma software. The person who submits the best blog post, as determined by our judges, will be awarded the grand prize of one free uploader of their choice.

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Image Uploader Flash 7.2.0 - Increased Speed and Improved Browser Support

Today we released new Image Uploader Flash 7.2.0.

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Upcoming Image Uploader Flash

I am pleased to announce new Image Uploader Flash which will be available for download in several weeks.

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