First Ever Aurigma Blogging Contest!

On this week we are running the Aurigma Blogging Contest. It is designed to encourage developers to share their experiences using Aurigma software. The person who submits the best blog post, as determined by our judges, will be awarded the grand prize of one free uploader of their choice.

The winner may choose between:

  • Image Uploader 7 Professional ($599 value)
  • Image Uploader 7 Flash Professional ($499 value)

To apply:

  • You must have a blog, related to software development, where you post on a regular basis.
  • Your entry post must link to Aurigma website.
  • Best entries will describe how you have integrated Aurigma software into your website (e.g. using code examples, linking to a tutorial, or more - be creative!

To enter shoot us an email at, make sure it includes a link to your post, domain name of the website where you are going to use the product, and of course which uploader you will receive if you win.

Learn more about Aurigma blogging contest