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Blog - Aurigma — security issue

Java 7 Update 45: new Java disaster

Oracle continues to torture their loveless stepchild called Java, as well as browser vendors do. They "improved security" which usually equals to "created unexpected headache to millions of the users with no visible reason". We tried our best to overcome the aftermath of this update and rolled out Upload Suite 8.0.52.

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Security bulletin #2 - new Image Uploader security update

As you probably noticed, we have released Image Uploader 6.1 on these weekends. The main reason we did it is to fix the security vulnerabililty reported to us by Microsoft.

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Killbit for File Downloader

All of you who read our blog knows a lot about killbit for Image Uploader and Microsoft Security Advisory (953839) that stoppes using of unsafe versions.

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Aurigma Image Uploader vs. Norton Antivirus

It turned out that vulnerabilities in Image Uploader caused not just killbit problem, but it led to one more aftermath. We are getting more and more complaints from our customer that end users experience issues with Image Uploader if they have Norton Antivirus installed.

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Killbit has been released at last

As I announced a week ago, Microsoft has released security update which includes killbits for old vulnerable builds of Image Uploader.

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