Killbit has been released at last

As I announced a week ago, Microsoft has released security update which includes killbits for old vulnerable builds of Image Uploader.

Read Microsoft Security Advisory (953839) for more details on this.

Not just our software has been included into this advisory. It also includes Hewlett-Packard's Instant Support application. According to the story in Computerworld, in earlier advisories Yahoo's and Logitech's software were killbitted.

So now I want to thank all guys from Microsoft Security Response Center I dealt with for their assistance. I highly recommend all ActiveX control vendors (if any of them reading this post) to contact Microsoft in case of such security issues. It is the best way to eliminate the aftermath of security bugs. Although the really best way is to avoid security flaws at all.

Thanks for attention. I hope this is a last time I tag my post with "security issue" or "killbit", and my further posts will be related to more pleasant things like news about future releases and so on. Stay tuned!