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Mobile friendly HTML5 uploader

Mobile HTML5 Uploader

After a recent iOS8 release, our HTML5 uploader stopped working there. It was the Apple's fault and fortunately they were kind enough to fix it in 8.0.2 released shortly. But this issue made me to recall the idea of a mobile-friendly HTML5 uploader.

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Aurigma Up 1.4 - resize photos before uploading them from iPhone/iPad/Android

Aurigma's developers know what is important to your business and your website's configuration, and the latest version of Aurigma Up they provide has greatly enhanced your control over the content that users upload to your website. Aurigma's Uploader Suite for PC/Mac has long provided the capability of allowing image resizing before uploading the image to your web server, which saves server bandwidth via client side resizing before uploading to the server.

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Aurigma Up for Android is available

Until now, only iPhone users could take advantage of the intuitive capabilities of Aurigma's image uploaders. But in a recent survey of Aurigma Up users the consensus hands down as the most important thing that Aurigma could do to better serve the developer community was to offer an Android version of Aurigma Up to complement the existing iPhone version.

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