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Photo Kiosk 7.0 is available

New version of Photo Kiosk is available now - v7.0. In addition to the release, we have reworked our website, so you are welcome to learn more about new version.

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First Ever Aurigma Blogging Contest!

On this week we are running the Aurigma Blogging Contest. It is designed to encourage developers to share their experiences using Aurigma software. The person who submits the best blog post, as determined by our judges, will be awarded the grand prize of one free uploader of their choice.

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Those of you who is subscribed for Aurigma's emails probably noticed that the last newsletter looked a bit unusual.

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A couple of new articles

I thought that we have a lack of materials giving a quick glance on important Image Uploader features. So I decided to eliminate this gap.

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Two big news: major website update and new product releases

Last months (and especially last days) we had a lot of work: we prepared a major website update. Old website structure was pretty inconvenient, and some texts are inaccurate and outdated. It was caused with legacy reasons - we maintained that website structure for years, and it was not flexible enough to reflect changes.

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