Two big news: major website update and new product releases

Last months (and especially last days) we had a lot of work: we prepared a major website update. Old website structure was pretty inconvenient, and some texts are inaccurate and outdated. It was caused with legacy reasons - we maintained that website structure for years, and it was not flexible enough to reflect changes.

That's why we made a decision to create the website from a scratch. We did our best to make it modern, convenient, and of course, informative.

Now we completely separated it into two websites:

All changes are too global to describe it in this blog, so just Feel free to visit it and take a look. :-)

The second news is that we released Image Uploader Flash - Flash-based sibling of our Image Uploader ActiveX/Java product. Of course, Flash does not allow to implement the upload component with all those features that make Image Uploader Dual so great and unique. But we did our best, and at my opinion this product is still great.

As its old Dual sibling, it is able to upload multiple files at a single click and resize photos before upload. As any Flash-based app, its look-and-feel is much more customizable, and it is much easier to fit it to any website design.

Check out Aurigma Image Uploader Flash

And last but not least: we have released a number of Image Uploader based plugins for different CMS and e-commerce system - Drupal, Joomla!, VirtueMart, Zen Cart. To tell the truth, we had these plugins earlier, but now we have released them as full-fledged products.

Check out Aurigma CMS plugins

Any feedback is highly appreciated. Feel free to drop your impressions or thoughts to

A little bit later I will post more details about new releases. So, stay tuned!