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Blog - Aurigma — upgrade

Oracle rolled out Java 7 Update 51

New Java update has been released yesterday (Jan 14, 2014). If you are curious what that have changed there this time, you can take a look into an official changelog.

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Aurigma uploaders are broken with Java 7 Update 21 - fix is available

Oracle strikes again. In their fight for Java security, they released an update which made all our uploaders inoperable. Fortunately, it was not so difficult to release a fix for this problem (Upload Suite 8.0.33), but all our customers have to update their uploaders on their sites.

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Aurigma’s newly created Upload Suite Version 8.0.26 is now available!

After extensive development by our dedicated team, you can now leverage the many improvements that are now available to you in Windows 8 for tablets and mobile devices! Of course you can use Uploader with the desktop version of IE just as you always could, but now Aurigma's Upload Suite version 8.0.26 enables you to work seamlessly with the Metro version as well, despite the Metro version's lack of support for most extensions.

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Code Migration to Image Uploader 7

For those who are migrating to Image Uploader 7 from previous versions of the product we prepared quick guidelines how to perform it with minimum efforts

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