Aurigma uploaders are broken with Java 7 Update 21 - fix is available

Oracle strikes again. In their fight for Java security, they released an update which made all our uploaders inoperable. Fortunately, it was not so difficult to release a fix for this problem (Upload Suite 8.0.33), but all our customers have to update their uploaders on their sites.

I have described the problem and the solution on the FAQ section on Upload Suite forum. Meanwhile, let me give some extra insight.

As you know, there are two series of uploader exist: new (version 7 and above) and old (version 6 and below). They have different API, and although we strongly recommend to switch from v6 to the latest version, we realize that it is not always possible. That's why besides of the version 8.0.33, we will release updated version 6 which will be a fix for all old-generation uploaders. Hopefully it will be ready within few next days. I will keep you posted here.

You may wonder what you can do if you don't have a maintenance subscription or it is already expired. Although this situation is a main reason why we always recommend renewing the maintenance subscription in time, we understand that this problem is too critical to abandon all customers who decided not to purchase updates (as the Java uploader becomes absolutely useless). That's why we decided that we will provide all new-generation uploader customers who request the update to solve this issue with free license key for the version 8.0.33. Just email us at

UPDATE: We have released Image Uploader 6.5.27 for old-generation uploader customers. You can download it on the legacy downloads page.