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Blog - Aurigma — security

Some Java security rules insights

When Oracle released Java 7 Update 45 several months ago, I noticed a strange behavior - if the user decides not to update Java, the uploader starts working incorrectly (although it was working great a day ago).

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Uploader Generates Error 500 after Installing MS11-100 Update

On December 29 2011 Microsoft published security update Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-100 - Critical. The security update has been released to fix ASP.NET DoS vulnerability. The update puts a limit to number of key-value pairs that can be sent in a single HTTP POST request. By default not more than 500 variables can be uploaded per one request.

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Internet Explorer 64-bit and Image Uploader Speed

If you open "Start" menu in 64-bit Windows platform you will notice interesting thing - there are two shortcuts for Internet Explorer: "Internet Explorer" and "Internet Explorer (64-bit)".

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Security bulletin #2 - new Image Uploader security update

As you probably noticed, we have released Image Uploader 6.1 on these weekends. The main reason we did it is to fix the security vulnerabililty reported to us by Microsoft.

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Non-Admin ActiveX Controls in IE8

In the Internet Explorer 8 developers’ blog I found very interesting post IE8 Security Part II: ActiveX Improvements.

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