Photo Kiosk 7.0 is available

New version of Photo Kiosk is available now - v7.0. In addition to the release, we have reworked our website, so you are welcome to learn more about new version.

Note, now we brand it under the name of Pixlpark rather than Aurigma. Pixlpark is used for our products created for photo print business, while Aurigma is used for our file upload SDKs.

Let's see what Pixlpark Photo Kiosk offers comparing to the previous versions.

Payment workflow support

The common issue is how to organize payment process on the kiosk. Now Photo Kiosk offers the following approach:

  1. When the user places the order, Photo Kiosk displays the Order ID.
  2. To proceed with the order, the user prints a receipt with the Order ID or writes it down.
  3. Then the user goes to the cashier and gives him/her this Order ID.
  4. To confirm the payment, the cashier uses special Payment Confirmation Tool (supplied with Photo Kiosk) to get a Confirmation Code.
  5. The user enters the Confirmation Code to the Photo Kiosk to confirm that the order is paid.

This workflow can be used for instant print or CD/DVD burning features.

Flexible price configuration

Now you can configure prices more flexible. In particular:

  • You can set the minimum accepted price (the order won't be accepted unless the user orders items for this price or higher). 
  • You can configure a sales tax.
  • You can set different prices for instant and minilab print.
  • You can set different prices for different quanitities (volume discounts).
  • You can configure additional services, e.g. additional image processing, etc.

Improved Photo Order Process

We have improved the photo order process:

  • If the photo is too small to be printed with a specific size, Photo Kiosk will warn the user.
  • If an image is not JPEG, Photo Kiosk can automatically convert it to JPEG.
  • If a photo aspect ratio does not match to a print size, the user can select a print area.

Advanced Order Management for Minilabs

In addition to old Order Manager feature which allowed renaming photos in the order to contain the order details (file and folder names), now Photo Kiosk has additional options:

  • Generate human-readable HTML document with the order details.
  • Generate DPOF file for each order to print photos in minilabs automatically (for those minilabs which support DPOF).

* * *

Feel free to download the new version and check out new features yourself:

If you are interested to upgrade or have any other questions, feel free to email at