Upcoming Image Uploader Flash

I am pleased to announce new Image Uploader Flash which will be available for download in several weeks.

Our past experience with Adobe Flash showed that the platform has much more limitations than ActiveX controls and Java applets, some of them do not have any logic at all. Unfortunately the platform still has problems with quality under different operating systems and browsers: sometimes the same API calls return different results on different platforms. Nevertheless, Adobe Flash is extremely popular platform which is presented on various systems. The most attractive thing about this platform is easiness of deployment of controls on client machines not requiring from users any special actions.

Planning this new version we made accent to features that are the most noticeable to end-users: responsiveness and overall speed of user interface, ability to handle large amount of photos, overcoming Adobe Flash limitations concerning working with files, etc. We had to modify the product significantly, some portions of code were re-implemented from the ground, and we even had to use external implementation of Jpeg encoder/decoder. Of course, new version will contain bunch of new features and bug fixes, I will write about them in "what's new" article which will come with the product. I hope you will like new version and you will find it worth to upgrade to.