Aurigma Upload Suite Version 8 is now ready!

Aurigma's developers have been hard at work perfecting the latest and greatest image uploader you can buy, taking it to even greater levels of performance and utility. Take a tour of Aurigma's new flagship product, Aurigma Upload Suite 8.

You used to know earlier versions of this prouct as the Image Uploader line. But that was then, and this is now. Check out this major update, which revolutionizes the already class-leading utility you have come to expect from Aurigma, your upload partner.

As with earlier versions, this uploader works with any operating system, hardware, or browser, and will upload any content type, with any number of originals, of any size. This powerful functionality is enhanced in Aurigma Upload Suite 8. Enhanced uploader support, streamlined licensing, and several improvements to the software make this this visionary new uploader an invaluable tool for your developers.

New Uploaders

New uploader based on HTML5 technology is available now. Flash and HTML5 uploaders are more robust and flexible. Flash, HTML5, Java, and ActiveX uploaders are all now fully supported by the same license.

Licensing is simplified

Licensing has been simplified, with Express, Professional, and Premium levels available. Current Print license customers have been automatically upgraded to Premium level. Flash and HTML5 users now have the freedom to purchase any level of license, as only the ActiveX and Java users could do previously.


Let's see some examples of Java/ActiveX/Flash uploaders improvements:

  • Native Mac OS X Open File dialog is supported and is now integrated with the iLife media viewer.
  • There is better integration with Google Chrome.
  • Better Amazon S3 support
  • Better Linux support
  • New Java 1.7 support.
  • Internationalized non-ASCII character domain names are now supported.
  • Watermarks are now supported by our Flash uploader for enhanced utility.
  • The Flash uploader has also been improved as an issue in earlier versions when switching between tabs in a browser is now fixed.
  • Other minor API and GUI improvements and bug fixes have also been made.

The Aurigma Upload Suite 8 experience is truly amazing.

See for yourself

Go to to see and try the demo of all the new and existing features and improvements in Upload Suite Version 8!