What people who integrate Aurigma Up to a website say

Recently we had a conversation with a guy, Max Antipin, who integrated Aurigma Up with his file sharing service. He was very happy with it and we asked him to tell other people what he thinks about it.

Let's see what Max says:

I am a perfectionist who knows what it takes to make quality APIs and GUIs, and Aurigma Up greatly exceeded my expectations. Integrating Aurigma Up with my site was very simple and straightforward. Now my mobile users can easily upload their photos to my site. My old uploader did not support Apple devices, so I really appreciate Aurigma Up's superb support for iPad and iPhone. The user interface is extremely intuitive. The developers have put in a lot of effort and time to craft Aurigma Up and their product and customer support are exceptional. Because of Aurigma Up's capabilities and ease of use I'm the first among my competitors to enable mobile uploads, which gives me a great advantage. My customers really enjoy the ability to share photos directly from their mobile devices, without having to sync to their computers first. I can't recommend Aurigma Up highly enough!

Thanks, Max!