Microsoft is going to killbit insecure version of Image Uploader within this week

Only one week left before Microsoft release Cumulative Security Update for ActiveX killbits. They scheduled it for August 12, 2008 at approx 10am PST.

Because of different reasons, we were not included in previous security updates released in April and June. But at last now we got the confirmation from Microsoft that Image Uploader killbits will be included in August issue.

Just reminding that all users who install security updates (i.e. vast majority of Windows users) will not be able to load old insecure version of Image Uploader in the browser. Internet Explorer will just block it. That's why we encourage all Image Uploader customers who did not update Image Uploader yet to update it ASAP. More details about it can be found in my previous post about killbits.

If it is unclear how to update or you have any other technical questions related to this security issue, do not hesitate to submit your question through the help desk system.