Regarding Expired Certificate for Java uploaders and downloaders

If you are using Java uploader or downloader created before April 2014, you may encounter a problem with the expired certificate. What to do if it happens?

First of all, what is a code signing certificate and why it became an issue?

When you load some code from the internet (like Java applets, ActiveX controls, etc), you may have a concern - is it the same code as claimed by the software vendor or some hacker injected some malicious code there? Code signing certificates exist to address this problem.

There are several companies known as Certificate Authorities (CA) who are trusted by Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and other vendors. Their business is to issue code signing certificates (a kind of digital signatures) which ensure that the code signed by this certificate is created by this company. If someone modifies at least a single byte in the .jar file, the digital signature becomes invalid and this way Java runtime environment detects that the code is potentially dangerous.

Certificate Authorities don't provide the software vendors with infinite certificates. They limit it by several years, so from time to time we have to renew code signing certificates and update digital signatures on them. Our old certificate expired in July 2014 but during the release of Upload Suite 8.0.96 we have received the new one. So 8.0.96 and newer versions are signed with fresh certificate and cause no problems.

So if you encounter the problem with the certificate, you should just switch to the latest Upload Suite. New certificate is valid until April 2019, so next five years you should not worry about it.

Tech details are explained in the appropriate FAQ article, but I would like to give more information about the licensing aspect depending on the product you have.

Image Uploader 7 or Upload Suite 8 Professional/Premium

If you have an active maintenance subscription, just download the latest version and update the uploader. No need to purchase anything. The only caveat - make sure that you have inserted the latest license key (refer My Licenses & Downloads area in your account). If for any reasons you don't have a fresh license key for your domain or IP, don't hesitate to open a support ticket.

If the maintenance subscription has been expired, you should renew it first. Just contact us at to do it. To understand the pricing, you can check out our upgrade and renewal policy

Since it may require some time to complete the upgrade process, we will be happy to give you temporary license keys for the updated version. Just mention it if it is necessary when you contact us for the renewal quote.

Upload Suite 8 Express

If you have an Express license purchased before the end of April 2014, you will be affected as well. Fortunately, there is an inexpensive way to upgrade your license to the Professional and receive one year maintenance subscription. Feel free to contact us at for details. 

Image Uploader 6

You can update it to the version 6.5.38. It can be found on the All Downloads page.

It is strongly recommend to consider upgrading to the latest Upload Suite 8. This version is outdated and eventually we will stop providing any updates to it (even such critical ones). To be ready to this moment, it is better to switch to Upload Suite 8 beforehand. Contact us at

We will be happy to provide you with technical assistance, i.e. modify your old code to work with new uploader. Just let us know.

Image Uploader 5 or earlier

These uploaders are way too old and no update is available for it. So the only option here is to upgrade to the latest version. 

Since you will have to modify your code (which is not always possible to do quickly), there is a temporary solution is available - you may switch to the Image Uploader 6 (which is backward compatible with Image Uploader 5). However it still requires purchasing the upgrade. 

Contact us at

File Downloader

File Downloader 7.0.10 (and all future versions) is signed with new certificate. If your maintenance subscription allows you updating it to this version, just download and update it. Otherwise, contact us at for the renewal/upgrade.