This product was discontinued

Upgrade and Renewal

Got an old version of Image Uploader or Upload Suite and wondering if you are eligible for the latest release? It's easy to find out.

To receive free updates, you need to have an active maintenance subscription. You can check the status of your maintenance subscription in the My Licenses & Downloads section.

Check the Status

If the maintenance subscription period is not expired, just download the latest version and update you product. Otherwise, you should renew the maintenance subscription. The price depends on how long time ago the maintenance subscription has been expired.

Maintenance subscription is about to expire

The renewal price per each license is the following:

  • Professional - $149/year
  • Premium - $379/year

Note: if you renew it for two or three years, discounts will apply. Contact us for details.

If you have Express license, you cannot renew it, however it is possible to switch to Professional license. Just let us know if you need any details.

Maintenance expired long time ago

If you did not renew the maintenance subscription in time, the renewal will cost a little bit higher, but still reasonable comparing to purchasing a new license.

  • Less than 3 months — +15%
  • Less than 6 months — +30%
  • Less than one year — +50%
  • Less than two years — +100%
  • Greater than two years — +200%

Very old version (Image Uploader 6 or earlier)

The licensing policy is the same as for the Upload Suite when the maintenance subscription is expired for more than 2 years. In other words, the upgrade discount for old customers is 40% comparing to the new Upload Suite price (except of the Express license price):

  • Professional - $447
  • Premium - $1137

Ready to renew? Contact us!

If you would like to proceed with renewal, please contact us at and let us know what licenses you would like to renew.