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Licensing options overview

Before you purchase a license, make sure that you understand the differences between Aurigma Upload Suite licensing plans. Let's see what licensing options are offered by Aurigma.

There are three Upload Suite licensing plans are available: Express, Professional and Premium. See the full comparison chart to understand the list of features available in each edition. A brief overview of each edition is outlined below.

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This license is created for those who need to provide their users with basic upload functionality with a well-designed and convenient user interface at an affordable price. If you are launching a startup or run a small website, this license plan might be the best place to start.

A single license allows the use of Upload Suite with a single website, with one domain name, running on a single server.

About Domains

For the purposes of the Upload Suite licensing, a domain name is considered to be a fully-qualified hostname. This means that the and are interpreted as different domains. The only exception is the www subdomain - in this case, and are interpreted as the same domain.

Each such domain requires a separate Express or Professional license. A domain tree based licensing (i.e. * is possible under Premium license.

If you have several domains or multiple servers for the same website, you should not purchase Express and need to use the Professional license instead. However if you have multiple independent websites which meet these limitations, you can purchase multiple Express licenses.

The Express license has the following distinctions:

  • Certain features are not available, in particular, folder upload, HTTPS support, as well as a few others.Refer to the comparison chart for more details.
  • It can upload max 100 files during each upload session.
  • It can upload files with a max file size of 100 MB each.
  • Imaging capabilities are a bit restricted - resized copies created with Express cannot exceed 3 MPix (although the input image size is still unlimited).
  • You cannot purchase multiple licenses per one website. In other words, the website where you use Upload Suite Express should run on one server and have one domain name.
  • No maintenance subscription for this license plan is available, not even at as additional cost. Every time you need to receive a new version, you should purchase a new license.
  • The license price is only $249.


This license plan is designed for commercial projects where you need to deal with uploads of large amounts of data. The Professional license is the choice of most Upload Suite customers.

Like Express, a single Professional license covers a website with one domain name and one server. However unlike Express, if you are using multiple domains or servers with your website, you can purchase additional licenses.

How many licenses?

You need a license for each server/domain pair. In other words, you need as many licenses for as many servers or domains you have, whichever number is greater. E.g.:

  • If you have 4 servers behind a load balancing unit and 2 domains, you need 4 licenses.
  • If you have 2 separate servers and 5 domains (e.g. 3 domains on one server and 2 domains on another), you need 5 licenses.

The Professional license has the following distinctions:

  • It includes features important for large uploads - folder upload, fail-safe upload (automatic recovery, checksums, etc), and some others. Refer to the comparison chart for more details.
  • There is no limit to the number of files that can be uploaded.
  • It can upload files up to 2 GB each.
  • It can create resized copies larger than Express - but it cannot exceed 5 MPix.
  • You can use the product in a multi-server and multi-domain environment provided that you have enough licenses. See below about how to calculate the number of licenses to purchase.
  • The maintenance subscription for the first year is included to the price. The maintenance renewal price is $149/year per each Professional license. The benefits of the maintenance subscription are explained in the Maintenance subscription FAQ.
  • The license price is $749 (including free updates within 1 year).


This is the ultimate license plan for Aurigma Upload Suite. It is created for those customers who host multiple websites on a single server.

Unlike Express and Professional, the Premium license is server-wide. This means that a single license covers an unlimited number of domains, as long as they belong to the same server and resolve to the same IP address. If you have several servers, you should purchase as many licenses for as many servers you have.

The Premium license has some additional benefits:

  • It includes all features available in all the other editions. Refer to the comparison chart for more details.
  • It can upload files exceeding 2 GB.
  • It has no limitation on the dimensions of the resized copy.
  • It includes a server-wide license - you can use Upload Suite Premium with an unlimited number of domains hosted on the same server and having the same IP address.
  • You can request a private-label version. Note, this requires that you to have a code signing certificate issued by VeriSign, Thawte or other publishers.
  • A free maintenance subscription for the first year is included as well. The renewal price is $379/year per each Premium license.
  • The license price is $1899/server (including free updates within 1 year).

Non-production Environment Licenses

You are probably going to use Upload Suite not only in the production environment on your live website, but also on the pre-production stage. If so, you may need licenses for your development, test or staging servers.

Depending on the Upload Suite edition, you may receive several free non-production licenses per each purchased production license:

Express Professional Premium
None up to 3 up to 6

If this is not enough, you can order additional non-production licenses for 50% of the license price. Just contact our sales team if it is required.

OEM Licensing

If you are building a web application which is licensed to third party customers, you may wonder how Image Uploader can be used in such scenario. The licensing in these cases is simple:

  1. You purchase an appropriate license for yourself and notify us that you prefer to include it to your application.
  2. When you deploy your application to your customer, you are eligible to order the same license with a 50% discount.
  3. You can purchase any license under these conditions, except of Express.

If you are interested, please contact our sales team for details.