This product was discontinued

Comparison Table

Upload Suite is available in three editions: Express, Professional, and Premium. While they have different licensing terms, they also have different features.

Features Express Professional Premium
Maximum file size 100 Mb 2 Gb any
Maximum pixel size of resized copies (no applied to originals!) 3 megapixels 5 megapixels any 1
Maximum number of files 100 any any
Multiple license keys in one code (including cross-domain uploads) yes yes
HTTPS support for both host and upload pages yes yes
Preserving EXIF metadata when creating thumbnails yes yes
Server-wide license yes
Private-label version on request
ActiveX/Java only features
Displaying and uploading folders yes yes
Amazon S3 support yes yes
Saving and restoring upload list yes yes
Automatic upload recovery yes yes
Ability to create custom upload list in JavaScript yes yes
Uploading hash values for files yes yes
Preserving original color space when creating thumbnails yes yes
Quality meter yes yes
Uploading full file path on request
Getting file paths through API on request

1) - Maximum size of thumbnails created for non-JPEG images is 16 megapixels. It is a Flash Player limitation.

Each edition (Express, Professional, and Premium) has its own set of license keys. For example, if you buy a Professional edition license, the obtained key unlocks Express and Professional features, but Premium features remain locked. However, the set of installation packages is the same for all editions.