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Purchase orders

If you prefer to send a PO instead of paying online, that’s not a problem! We gladly accept Net30 purchase orders.

Just email us at and send us your PO and other details as described below. We typically process the PO within 1-2 business days.

What we need to process your purchase order?

1. Use proper Aurigma address

Address your purchase order to:

Aurigma, Inc.
901 N. Pitt Street, Suite 325
Alexandria, VA 22314

2. Specify the PO number

Without the PO number we will not be able to process it.

3. Provide us with your billing/shipping address

We need to know your exact company name and address. If billing and shipping address should be different, don't forget to specify both. It will also help if you register on our website and fill in your company details.

4. Tell us the items you want to order

Let us know which license plan you want to buy, how many items you need, and the preferred maintenance term. The table below contains the most popular items with SKUs.

SKU Item name Price
645 Express License $249
646 Professional License (incl. 1-year maintenance) $749
647 Professional License Maintenance, 1-year Renewal $149
648 Professional License Maintenance, 2-year Renewal $268
649 Professional License Maintenance, 3-year Renewal $379
650 Premium License (incl. 1-year maintenance) $1 899
651 Premium License Maintenance, 1-year Renewal $379
652 Premium License Maintenance, 2-year Renewal $682
653 Premium License Maintenance, 3-year Renewal $966

Note: If you need a private-label version, do not forget to mention it when sending us a PO for the Premium license.

5. Let us know who are the contact persons

We need to know whom to contact back and whose name to use in the paperwork. We also need the name and contact details of the technical person who should get the license key, as well as the person who should get the invoice (e.g. your Accounts Payable representative).