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Troubleshooting for Web Site Users

If you are a website user who uploads some files to a site through Aurigma uploader and run into a problem, it is a right place to get it resolved.

As usual, website users have one of these three questions:

License key error message

Sometimes you may encounter the following error message during the upload:

No valid license key for current DNS/IP address specified. If you see this message contact site administrator.

This message means that the owners of the website where you upload your files inserted a license key for Aurigma's uploader incorrectly. You should contact their technical support and report them about this problem.

Important: You should not (and cannot) fix this problem. It can be done only by the website developers. No need to download or buy anything from Aurigma!

Java-related issues

One of Aurigma's uploader is a Java applet and sometimes Java applets are not working flawlessly. Fortunately, in most cases you can get it to work.

There a number of Java-related issues may occur. We have grouped these issues and their solutions into several articles, one per each browser. Titles help you to find the appropriate paragraph that should solve your problem.

Choose your browser:

Q: I tried your suggestions, but Java still does not work!

A: Try to switch to Internet Explorer. By default, ActiveX uploader is loaded instead of Java in IE (unless the website developers turn it off), so most likely it won't be affected by this problem. Anyway, contact tech support of the website to get your files uploaded.

Are Aurigma Java applets safe?

You may find out that all browsers warn you about the potential danger of running any Java applet due to its vulnerabilities. We at Aurigma:

  • Do our best to make it safe and free of security flaws;
  • Guaranty that no our applet transfer any personal and private information to Aurigma's or third party files (except of files you explicitly select).

So, yes, you can rest assured that Java Uploader or Downloader are safe.

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No valid license key

If you have "no valid license key" message, no need to buy or download anything from Aurigma! Contact the website developer support team to resolve the problem.