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Simple and intuitive file upload GUI

You don’t have to be a computer geek to use Aurigma Upload Suite! Our experts have created a convenient and highly functional GUI that your end users will love.

The API included in Upload Suite allows you to completely personalize the user experience, or if you prefer, you can use the standard default configuration to do everything. It’s up to you!

How it works

Aurigma’s new Upload Suite allows customers to easily upload multiple files, even if they aren’t experts. The system displays the files available to be added to the website right in the upload section. Multiple photos can be selected quickly and easily en masse for bulk uploading. With a click of a single button they are on their way. As the uploading proceeds, the user is apprised of progress via the process bar which graphically displays the completion percentage and expected wait time till the upload is done. After uploading is complete, the system redirects the user to the page with the uploaded files.

File upload progress

Flash, HTML5, and ActiveX/Java uploaders

Different upload tools can be selected and configured for a wide variety of scenarios. Users engaged in uploading photos will see images displayed as thumbnails, while documents show up in a detailed list just like Windows Explorer. Flash, HTML5, ActiveX and Java upload tools are all fully supported. With a single keystroke the Open File dialogue box appears, and displayed files are easily selected, no matter which of the upload tools you prefer to configure. The right tool can even be selected automatically, depending on the browser being used.

Out of the box

No additional development is required to provide this simple and user friendly GUI. We all know that open source uploaders are temperamental and require extensive GUI development to be provided on your site. Implementation is extremely tricky and time consuming. Aurigma Upload Suite comes equipped with an excellent GUI right out of the box, allowing your developers to use this prepackaged functionality then concentrate on the rest of your website.

Make your own trail

Don’t be confused by the instant usability of the uploader. If you want, you can personalize it extensively for your application. The comprehensive APIs allow you to modify visual themes, change colors, alter fonts, or vary sizes easily. You can even use your own graphics for buttons and icons.

The GUI is multilingual, and supports 15 languages, including German, Spanish, French, and Hebrew. Other language can be easily configured.

The personalization doesn’t stop there. Developers will love the capability of adding additional categories, titles, descriptions and other metadata to the uploaded content.

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Upload Suite includes premium uploaders based on various technologies (HTML5, Flash, Java, ActiveX) for any server technology – ASP.NET and PHP, classic ASP and JSP, Ruby-on-rails and node.js.