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Very large file uploads made reliable

Aurigma Uploader Suite will upload massive files with ease—dozens of Gigabytes are supported. This is not a claim our competition can seriously make.

A file is too large?

Conceptually, Aurigma’s solution to the problem of uploading enormous files makes a lot of sense. You can’t just load a mega-file into memory and pass it into an HTTP socket. Technical limitations prevent files over 2 GB from being uploaded in most web servers, as they are vestiges of the 32-bit era and simply can’t accept such massive files.

Split it into smaller segments!

Aurigma’s solution is ingenius, and works like building a ship in a bottle. We don’t load the entire file into memory at once. Instead, the file is broken down into segments of configurable size, which are then loaded individually. The server then reconnects the individual segments to reconstitute the original image. ASP.NET and PHP developers get a ready-made server-side tool for this task, making the capability as easy to deploy as a normal file upload.

Turn one 1GB file into a hundred 10MB files

The methodology has several benefits, including the elimination of stress for the client-side and server-side. For security and the prevention of denial-of-service attacks web servers are configured to reject files larger than a configured size. Now, there is no need for developers to reduce protection on the web server for the uploading of mega-files since the Aurigma Upload Suite loads the segments then reconstitutes the file.

No need to re-upload an entire 1GB file if it fails

When you load large files without Aurigma Upload Suite, a connection is opened, and the HTTP request starts being sent to the server-side. The server-side code can’t work with the partial image until 100% of the file is uploaded, and if there is a problem in the connection, users are forced to begin all over at square one. This is an infuriating when mega-files are being uploaded.

Aurigma’s Upload Suite’s method of uploading individual segments allows for the progress to be saved. If a file is 99% uploaded and there is a connection issue, the system will need to load only the remaining segment, eliminating the frustration of starting the upload all over again.

Aurigma recovers broken uploads automatically!

The uploader can be configured to the number of attempts at reloading or interval between reloading attempts the developer desires.

Worried about file integrity?

When such large files are uploaded, you may worry that some portions of a file may be lost or distorted. Don't worry about it with Aurigma - hash values are used as checksums to ensure that the uploaded file is the same on the client-side original and the server-side copy.

Security a concern? Aurigma supports HTTPS!

Aurigma supports HTTP and HTTPS, which allows you to use Upload Suite to organize uploads in password-protected areas.

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Upload Suite includes premium uploaders based on various technologies (HTML5, Flash, Java, ActiveX) for any server technology – ASP.NET and PHP, classic ASP and JSP, Ruby-on-rails and node.js.