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Any browser, any platform, any server, any time

Aurigma Upload Suite works with all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and every available browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari). Uploaders for most important technologies (ActiveX, Java, Flash, and HTML5) are available.

The best uploader is used for every application automatically, and all of them are included in each single Aurigma licensing tier.

What about the latest and greatest?

Aurigma is committed to the customer experience while using our image uploader. When new versions of operating systems, new Java versions, or new platforms are released we test them to ensure that Upload Suite works well with it. In the rare event that our extensive testing indicates there is an issue, our crack development team promptly generates and release updates for Uploader Suite.

What about smartphones and tablets?

These days everyone has a phone with a camera. Tons of images taken by camera phones are directly uploaded to websites. Without a solid and dependable uploader, the experience can be excruciating.

We listened to our customers, and have created Aurigma Up, which is available for the iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. Developers can easily add mobile image and video uploading to their sites. When users access a website with a mobile browser and try to upload images or videos, Aurigma Up automatically launches and allows the uploading of multiple photos or videos then returns the user to their mobile browser as soon as the upload is complete. And the price is right—a fully capable free version is available for downloading.

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What about server compatibility?

Upload Suite is very flexible. It will work with any server. ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, or JSP. Extended server-side libraries are offered for ASP.NET and PHP. Other platforms offer code examples. If there is an unusual platform it needs to be integrated with, Aurigma’s team will provide you direct assistance to make everything run smoothly.

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Upload Suite includes premium uploaders based on various technologies (HTML5, Flash, Java, ActiveX) for any server technology – ASP.NET and PHP, classic ASP and JSP, Ruby-on-rails and node.js.