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File uploader lets users upload any content with ease

Aurigma Upload Suite offers limitless possibilities for file uploading. There are simply no unsupported file types. Videos, photos, and documents are all easily uploaded.

Web developers can filter file types so that only those you want to receive from your website will be displayed. Or, they can filter certain file types and allow all others. It is completely configurable. Along with files, the descriptions, titles, file names and other details can be uploaded automatically.

Image management

Once you have determined which filters to apply to image types (if any are desired), you can enable the manipulation of images (rotating, resizing, etc.). Check Image Uploading Capabilities for more information.

Sizing…how many and how big?

With the correct license Upload Suite can support files of any size or number. Thousands of files many gigabytes each can be uploaded without a problem with the file uploader. As you would expect from Aurigma, the file uploader gives you control by allowing you to configure the size or number of images you accept to support your needs, whatever they may be. For file types that are not images, client-side compression can be configured to automatically upload ZIP files instead of large original files.

Mix and match

Users can upload whole folders, single files, or any combination of the two while the file type filters you have configured work automatically within folders and subfolders. Subfolder structure will be replicated as part of the file uploader operation. File types are not an issue.

Aurigma's file uploader can upload both files and folders.

It isn’t just files that can be uploaded using this powerful tool. Upload Suite can attach any HTML form as well.

Aurigma's file uploader can send HTML forms during the file upload process.

File integrity and error recovery

You can configure settings for automatic recovery and file integrity checks after the upload is completed. Recovery allows the file uploader to segment the file into a configurable size of smaller packets that are each individually uploaded. As a result, if there is a problem with the internet that interrupts the upload, the file uploader is able to start again from the point the error was encountered, rather than having to repeat the upload of the entire file once again. This is a huge potential timesaver.

File integrity is ensured through the use of robust checksums. The file upload tool is able to use a client and server checksum to ensure that the file that reaches the server is the same unadulterated file that uploaded from the client side.

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Upload Suite includes premium uploaders based on various technologies (HTML5, Flash, Java, ActiveX) for any server technology – ASP.NET and PHP, classic ASP and JSP, Ruby-on-rails and node.js.