This product was discontinued

How to buy an old version

Sometimes you may want to purchase a version we no longer support. Although in such situations we highly recommend that you update your code to be compatible with the current version, we realize that additional development and/or testing efforts may be impractical.

In this case you can purchase a license for the current version of Upload Suite and we will provide you with the appropriate license for the old version. In this way you will have both the new and the old licenses and you will be able to switch to the new version easily.

Image Uploader 7

The licensing model for Image Uploader 7 is quite similar to Upload Suite. You can just purchase the same license as you had earlier.

However there were and additional license type we have eliminated - Print license. It was a Professional license + additional features we have later divided between Professional and Premium. So the choice of a license is the following: 

  • If you need uploading resized copies without 5 Mpix limit, choose Premium.
    Note:  Limit is applied to the resized copy, not the original image!
  • In all other cases, just purchase Professional.

Image Uploader 6

The choice for the appropriate license for Image Uploader 6 is much simpler comparing to the days when it was an actual version:

  • If you had Image Uploader 6 Express, you can choose the Express now. 
  • In all other cases, you should choose Professional.

Also, we have an option which was not available for Image Uploader 6 — a server-wide license. If you are interested, just buy a Premium.

Image Uploader 5 and older

There only two choices: 

  • If you had a domain-based license, you should buy Professional.
  • If you had an IP-based license, you should choose Premium.