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Source code and customization

Upload Suite exists more than ten years and it during these years we never stopped improving it. However sometimes you may find that it lacks of some functionality. What we can offer in this case?

Source code

In addition to licenses, you can opt to order source code for Aurigma’s products. This will give you the ability to modify the product in any way you need and you will always be able to support it in the unheard of situation of Aurigma failing to do so.

No "unlimited" license!

Source code should not be interpreted as a sort of "unlimited" license. All limitations of the standard license models will be applied to the binaries you compile from the source code. Before you purchase the source code, we will enter a legal and binding agreement regulating intellectual property rights and including other protections for both parties.

As an alternative option to purchase, you may prefer to hold the source code in escrow. In this option, source code will be kept by a reliable third party, and under certain circumstances described in the escrow agreement you will get access to it.

If you are interested in a quote for the source code or escrow, and want to discuss all the conditions, please contact our sales team.


If the product lacks features which are important to you, and you don't want to purchase the source code to implement the feature yourself, you can hire our professionals to do it for you.

Our development team consists of highly skilled professionals who have deep experience in computer engineering. The best proof of our professionalism is our products, which are all developed in house by our team.

Having each line of product code at our fingertips and having rich experience in this unique area of the IT market, the Aurigma team will make all the improvements you require quickly and with the very best quality. All modifications will be closely integrated with the product and fully regression tested.

Keep in mind that we do not agree to every custom job. The only custom jobs we will carry out are related to the customization of our products as we are always open to adding new features and improvements.

Note: We always reserve the right to re-use the result of the custom job in future versions of Aurigma offerings.

Our rates

The estimate for a job is always on a case by case basis. Our base hourly rate is $85/hour, but it may be greater or lesser.

The final price depends on many factors, such as the amount of time necessary to complete the project, the level of urgency (as typically the time of our developers is tightly scheduled), usefulness of the feature for the product, and others.

If you are interested to get a quote, please contact us at

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