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Maintenance Subscription FAQ

Professional and Premium licenses include a free maintenance subscription for the first year. The FAQ below explains what the maintenance subscription is and why it is important to keep it up to date.

Why do I need the maintenance subscription?

With a subscription you are eligible for free updates regardless to the version number. You get both minor (like 8.0.1 → 8.1.32) and major (like 8.0.1 → 9.0.1) updates for no extra fee.

Can I receive any updates without maintenance?

No. You have to order new license every time you need an update (even for minor updates!)

Even for critical issues?

Yes, if you don't have a maintenance subscription, and to resolve a problem you should install an updated version, you have to renew the maintenance subscription first. 

What is the maintenance subscription term?

The maintenance subscription term is one year. On your request we can provide you with a maintenance subscription for a longer term (e.g. two or three years).

How much does it cost?

The annual maintenance subscription fee is:

  • Professional - $149/year per license
  • Premium - $379/year per license

If purchased for several years, discounts will apply. Contact our sales team for details.

What is about Express license?

You can get a maintenance subscription only for Professional and Premium licenses. Express does not provide for maintenance subscriptions. However it is possible to switch to Professional license. Contact us if you are interested.

How to I extend the maintenance period? 

Just purchase a maintenance renewal. See Upgrade and Renewal section for details.

May I buy a license without maintenance?

Although the first year maintenance is already included, on your request we can remove it and deduct the maintenance subscription fee from the price.

However we strongly recommend that you purchase the license with the maintenance subscription, otherwise you won't be able to receive any updates.

Note: This would be the case even if it is required to fix some technical problem!